Behind The Story

It all happened in 2010 when my friend, Ron said to me: “I have a great idea for you”. It was the best thing he ever said to me. The great idea he had? It was to write a children’s book. In fact, at the next meeting, he showed me one book that he bought for his grandchild. It was a pop-up book with colorful illustrations, and after glancing through it, I thought to myself, “This is way beyond my capabilities. What do I know about children? I have never been a mom and never dealt with them in any professional capacity.” I said to him, “Ron writing a children’s book for me is like Mother Theresa writing a book on the most savvy financial investments strategies.” He simply laughed and said, “You can do it”. At that moment it occurred to me that I love children and decided to be “the mother of all kids around the world”.

I slept on the idea for a couple of months, and thought my four decades of business experience could be an invaluable asset in helping kids learn about the world. I could teach them to develop basic skills and qualities needed to survive and flourish in the hyper-connected world.

So I decided to move forward with Ron’s idea. But brilliant ideas are pointless without sound execution. I needed strategic and practical insight to frame my vision and delivery skills to achieve my goal. My main purpose of writing this book was to provide young minds with the necessary skills and situations to motivate them to stay actively engaged in learning. I believe if we could stimulate children’s imagination, there would be no limit to what they could achieve. My guidance was these American and Turkish values, initiative, opportunity, forward-looking thinking, discipline and hard work in writing this book.

My research demonstrated several facts about kids that are 5 to 12 years old:

  • The book must include visual content along with short snippets of text
  • It needed to be fun and have play value for kids

Then, I was in need of an illustrator who could create images and pictures to deliver my messages. It was a daunting challenge to hire a competent artist on my limited budget. I put together requirements of the job and utilized services of an online service where I could hire someone to do the illustrations of my book. Over 40 talented illustrators from all over the world responded to my offer. Needless to say, I was very impressed as I reviewed their work. In the end, I decided to hire the one who underbid my offer, an artist named Juli Wee.

It is amazing how such a simple idea sparked and triggered a series of new projects and endeavors which led to writing a children book. I could not have  achieved this goal without the generous contribution of everyone who helped create the end result.

I’ll end by saying this: It is exciting to write a children’s book and “World Wise Children” is definitely my newborn baby!