Los Angeles, California – January 2012 – This book from an award-winning international business expert helps children to take a larger view of the world. A new book from an award-winning business expert engages children in a rich global learning experience aimed at educating and inspiring them to create future opportunities for themselves. The book serves as a practical guide for both parents and children to make a lasting impact on kids’ lives.

In World Wise Children (Ultimate Trade Publishing, January 2012), author Ayse Oge provides a fun guide to teach young children how to flourish in an interconnected economy. The book is written for children ages 6 to 12, and it encourages them to build relationships with others and work collaboratively across different boundaries to navigate opportunities.

Stemming from her lifetime of cross-cultural experiences, Oge has the ability to connect with young children in very special ways. This book contains 12 powerful and inspirational messages about the world. Oge includes colorful illustrations to bring the meaning alive for children and provide an interactive experience for them.